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The business goal of our client was minimalistic yet unique. Most e-commerce stores deal with the products selling.

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Stacey Moore (Founder of Shopgorillamad)

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The product comprises of an e-commerce store which would allow the user to buy products that are being sold by the client along with the ability to add the products to their wishlist and cart for purchasing later. The user would also be able to view their order statuses and be in line with the current statuses of their orders.

The interesting point starts where the user is able to view his t shirts and how they look after they have customized them. The users would be able to add cliparts, images and text in different formats on these t shirts and order those to be delivered at their home. For the admin, the admin can set up the t shirts that the company is offering for design and not only the front design but the back, and sleeve design can also be customized.

Challenges Faced

The challenge faced might sound simple but it was complex. The design simulator software was developed and integrated with the system with complications regarding the integration and how the admin would use the system to select pictures of products to be added in the design. First, we though of giving a separate admin panel to the admin which again was problematic as the user experience would be hindered by this and we did not want anything hindering the user experience of the users.

Next, we decided to partially integrate the system with the simulation software but that was not it. This challenge was something that we needed to work on completely in order for us to work on the optimal solution for this.

Applied Technologies


Strategy and Planning

Ui / Ux Design

Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD.

Front End

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Agile management framework

Back End

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Agile management framework




Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing and Smoke Testing


The solution for this was brought up by our team of business analysts where they found a way to incorporate the software module admin panel with the system administrator panel. That allowed us to move towards a better user experience for the customers and for administrator as well. The complete system was integrated with the software and a platform was developed where the user was able to design their products with ease and the administrator of the system now had complete control over the functionalities of the software and the control over the way the designing canvas was to be put up.

Designer Software

This is the design software where a shirt can be customized according to the users preferences. A user can add a picture of his wife or mother or father in order to give them a gift or buy himself a cool t shirt with a cool design.

This tool simply allows the user to , with the click of a button, allow the user to order this design from the admin on the basis of which the admin would be sending the customized design to the users doorstep. Ordering your products has never been this easy and interesting before!

Client Testimonial

Olumide Sanwalo

Founder of Writers Block

Thank you very much for Demonstrating the latest version of the writer's block Project. I am so delighted to see the hard work of everyone, your team, yourself and myself all put together to create such a wonderful product. I am very impressed with how your team was able to include and adapt to all the numerous changes that we had discussed and I was very pleasantly surprised to see improvements, even some features I had not expected. One of the best features is how the book looks and flows when published and also how easy and intriguing it is to edit the book. I am sure that the users will have a delight having a go at it and customizing it to their preferences. The sight layout, its simplicity and clarity really makes it stand out.

You guys have done a truly wonderful job in bringing my vision to life. I appreciate all the hard work that has been put into this to make it work.

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